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The wise way to send money from Malaysia to India

Send Money from Malaysia to India

Sending money from a foreign country to your home country in the past was a dreary process. You had the options of money order, cashier’s cheque, or bank transfer. This facility was also limited to major cities. However, recent years have witnessed a spurt in the growth of international money transfer agencies. Their rise has led to money transfer becoming a simple, swift and secure process.

If you are living in Malaysia and have family and relatives in India, you would often have to send money back home. There are several options today to transfer money online from Malaysia to India. In this article, we explore how you can transfer money economically and hassle-free.

What is the most economical way to transfer money from Malaysia to India?

There are several factors like payment method, transfer amount, and pick-up option that would determine the cheapest option. Keeping in mind all the options, a specialist money transfer company would be the best choice. As compared to traditional banks, they offer the best exchange rates, minimum service charges, and good customer support.

What is the best way to transfer money from Malaysia to India?

Traditional banks have lost their popularity as a preferred option long back after the arrival of money transfer companies. Banks offer terrible exchange rates and also charge a lot for the services they offer. They do not bother offering the best rates because money transfer is not their primary service. So, if you are looking to send money abroad from Malaysia to India hassle-free, a money transfer agency will be your best choice.

Send Money from Malaysia to India

How to transfer money from Malaysia to India at the best rate?

If you are looking for the cheapest and quickest option to send money from Malaysia to India, a money transfer agency is a right choice. At Lotus Remit, we are a leading and reliable name that you can trust. We offer the best ringgit to rupee exchange rates in the markets and charge only a nominal service fee. The MYR to INR exchange rate would be the most competitive you will receive in the market. The service fee will worth all the money you are transferring abroad.

Once you are satisfied with the rates we are offering, you can transfer the money to us. We will also require some personal identification documents. You can expect the transfer to happen within a day or two, depending on the payment collection option. Please remember to add the preferred pickup option for your beneficiary.

You can expect a secure and hassle-free transaction when you deal with a reliable overseas remittance provider like Lotus Remit. We also offer personalized services to guide you at each stage of the transaction. Spend your hard-earned money wisely and securely. To know more about our services, contact us today.

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