Investors Relations

We take the pride to introduce our investors “Orient Exchange Co. (L.L.C.)” who were the pioneers of Money Exchange Business in the U.A.E; serving millions of satisfied customers for almost nine decades now. During the beginning of 20th century, with demand for foreign currencies on the rise, but no banks or any financial institutions in the U.A.E. to cater to such needs, our foreign exchange company was established in the year 1923. Being stable in the market for 9 decades, Orient Exchange Co. (L.L.C.) has won the trust and confidence of their clients. Some of the salient features of Orient Exchange are: reliability, adequate liquidity, excellent locations, Skilled and trained staff, wide range of services and diversified products.

Formation of ORIENT EXCHANGE CO. (L.L.C)

The roots of Orient Exchange Co.(L.L.C.) takes us way back to the 19th century era, to be more precise during the 1850’s when our mother company, the Arabian Trading Agency Group was actively trading in the fields of foodstuff and construction, with trade of pearls being the main stream of business in the emirates of Sharjah and Dubai. It is worth noting that our group company was conducting business by barter exchange system, the mode of trading during the earlier days of trade in 1850’s. Years passed on, style of business changed, but ethical business values, customer focus, market needs, success and glory was constant. As we ushered in the 20th century, i.e. early 1900’s, the trade of pearls started waning off, with rise in demand for gold and old jewellery. Our company guided by the market and customer needs, in 1920 diversified into the bullion business by purchasing old gold jewellery and re-exporting it in the form of bars to various different refineries across the world. Demand for gold was on an upward graph and hence the company initiated and developed mutual relationship with overseas financial institutions like Credit Suisse, UBS, Swiss Bank Corporation, Samuel Montagu and Jonson Mathew to import gold bullion for onward disposal in the local markets and business entrepreneurs from MENA region and Asia in exchange for foreign currency. During those days the currency in circulation in UAE (then known as Trucial States) was the old imperial Indian Rupees. With this new market evolution and demand for foreign currencies, but no banks or any financial institutions in UAE to cater for such requirements, our foreign exchange company was conceived in 1923, now named as Orient Exchange Co. (L.L.C.).